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Once upon a time… in a tragedy that occurs all too often in today’s National Park… a little Bear Cub and a little Girl were switched at birth.

Raised reversed in the woods and suburbs, separated by a clearing and the warnings of their parents about the dangers of bear/human interaction, our two heroes just can’t seem to fit in. Then everything changes one day when a forest Ranger returns the two kids to their natural parents. But “fitting in” is more than just a matter of where you were born – the domesticated little Cub and feral little Girl can’t do anything right in their new settings, either. When they run away and meet each other in the clearing, the two realize they have more in common than they originally suspected. But Girl and Cub are going to have to learn to work together quickly if they’re going to save the forest from land developers!

Music, laughs and message pervade this delightful new musical for children and adults alike.

The History of Barely a Bear...
Once upon a time, at a Raffalo's Pizza in West Hollywood, former Northwestern classmates Jess Lacher and Paul Jury sat down to a large sausage thin crust together and decided to write a play.

"What should the play be about?" said Paul.

"You know... I've always wanted to write a play... about bears," replied Jess.

And Barely a Bear was conceived.

Paul had just finished writing a musical with friend and talented composer Sean Wesche and suggested they add music to the play. Jess heartily agreed, because the only thing better than a play about bears is a play about dancing bears. Jess said that there should be a little girl who was raised by bears, in the woods. Paul said there should be a little bear who was raised by humans, in the suburbs. By the end of the third slice, it was clear that there needed to be both.

Enter Paul's friend and often-writing-partner Sam Greenspan, with whom Paul was writing another play, about monkeys, and the two decided they should produce both plays together at the Santa Monica Playhouse in a spectacular night of laughing, romping animals. Paul's friend Casey Garritano, after playing the Cub in an early reading, signed on to direct.

And Barely a Bear was born.

The play recieved such a wonderful response that now, four years later, they decided it needed to be produced again, this time in North Hollywood. Paul brought on a couple of seasoned LA theatre veterans to help him this time, and they met Mike Radeemakers at the Secret Rose Theatre, and a group of amazingly talented actors to resume roles...

And as they say... the rest is history.